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Brooks Speech 
Language Therapy, LLC

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Our specialties

Here are a few of our specialties, but we treat an array of speech, language, and feeding disorders. We also address individuals with Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs).


Speech sound disorders impact your ability to produce intelligibility. This can occur in children and adults. 

Expressive & Receptive Language

Expressive language disorders impact talking. Receptive language disorders impact understanding.

Early Intervention

Early intervention services help a families child who has, or is at risk for, a developmental delay, disability, or health condition. Early intervention services decrease the effects of a disability or delay. 

Feeding the Toddler


A feeding disorder is characterized by any difficulties eating or drinking including chewing, sucking or swallowing. Feeding disorders can also include addressing picky eaters. 

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Our Approach

We believe in taking a holistic approach collaborating with families, daycare providers, teachers, and other healthcare workers. We take into great consideration the differences each patient and student brings.

What Parents Think

“Working with Ebony is always a treat. She is so knowledgeable in her field, and is so approachable and easy to talk to as well.  As a mother of a child on an IEP, sometimes I am not always sure what to look for in terms of progress or how to further nurture/encourage growth in my child’s skill level, but Ebony is really supportive and really provides great tools and methods.  She cares about her clients, meaning the child AND the parents.  She really does want to set families up for future successes.”

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